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BREAKING: New 'ATM Service' Gives You 100, 200, and 300 BUYER CLICKS Every Single Month Without Any of The Usual Traffic Headaches...

Read on to discover how you can stop tearing your hair out trying to get traffic, and instead - get 100, 200, and 300 buyer clicks every single month with this breakthrough Automated Traffic Management service...

20th May 2024

From the Desk of Michael Cheney

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

When you get hundreds of buyer clicks every month, you can make consistent sales, and end all your stress.



Automated Traffic Management

You are getting 100-300 money-making BUYER CLICKS every single month, without doing any work.


I am going to put your money-getting link (which pays you 100% of the money on everything they buy) in front of my huge list of rapid repeat buyers.

The best part?

I will use YOUR link (so you get 100% of all the money) but it will be for one of MY products - so it converts like crazy.

Proven offer + List of Rabid Repeat Buyers + Existing Trust and Knowledge of Me = MASSIVE SALES FOR YOU!

You don't need to lift a finger.

Here's everything you're getting with your....


  • Complete Done-for-You, Hands-Free BUYER Traffic

    You are getting hundreds of money-making BUYER CLICKS, every single month, without doing any work. This means you don’t have to bust your balls writing thousands of blog posts, producing thousands of YouTube videos, or writing thousands of social media posts.

  • High-Quality Buyer Clicks from My List

    You are getting exclusive access to my list of rabid repeat buyers who know, love and trust me. This is the best of the best, highly-targeted internet marketing traffic. This means you will have hungry internet marketing buyers coming to your website every single month!

  • Monthly Management And Automated Traffic

    Every aspect of your traffic is tracked and monitored to ensure maximum quality and performance for you. You just sit back and count the clicks, subscribers, and cash.

  • Best Prices On The Planet To Suit Every Budget

    Why pay more to get less? Most traffic providers send you junk clicks that don’t convert. Or you pay thousands for some crappy ad that people don’t click on. Here you are getting in front of my best buyers on my personal mailing list! Choose the yearly option to get the best possible deal.

  • One Thousand Times Better Than Paid Ads

    Your link will be used to promote one of my bestselling offers to MY PERSONAL MAILING LIST! And people buy like crazy, this is wayyyy different to paying for a display ad or solo ads – these people love me, buy everything I put out and this time – you get all the money!

  • Peace of Mind With Expert Support

    You can reach our experienced and professional team of experts in the Support Center to help you with any queries or questions you may have.


  • Money-making BUYER CLICKS every single month
  • Complete done-for-you service (you are getting the traffic every month without having to do any work)
  • All visitors are red hot buyers on my own personal mailing list!
  • I promote my products to my list and give YOU 100% of all the money
  • Worry-free traffic management - we monitor everything to ensure maximum results for you
  • You are getting the best prices on the planet thanks to the high-value annual options available
  • Expert support whenever you need it
  • q-iconWill this make me money?

    YES. The Automated Traffic Management service will get you traffic, sales and build your reputation in the affiliate marketplace. You need to view this as a long-term strategy. We are not guaranteeing huge profits instantly. Like anything in business – you grow the best returns on investment over time.

  • q-iconIs this really passive?


    We manage all the clicks for you, and deliver the traffic for you every month like clockwork. These are highly-targeted, internet marketing buyers on Michael Cheney’s personal email list! And it’s all done for you.

  • q-iconWill there be buyers?


    These visitors are all hungry buyers on Michael’s personal mailing list. They love to devour internet marketing information and products. We ensure only promotion of the best offers (all of which pay you 100% of all the money) to maximize your return on investment.

  • q-iconIf I need more traffic can I buy more?


    You can upgrade your monthly / yearly package at any time by contacting our Support Team at MichaelCheney.com/support.

  • q-iconPlease can you explain how the different packages and payment options work?


    You can choose to get either 100, 200, or 300 clicks every month. These are the Bronze (100 clicks), Silver (200 clicks), and Gold (300 clicks) packages. The more clicks you buy, the cheaper the price per click. As additional savings for you, you can choose to be billed yearly which brings your cost per click down even lower!

  • q-iconIs this really the best price?


    You would frankly pay MORE to get less anywhere else. Most people selling traffic give you solo ads (blind adverts to spam lists) that get you junk traffic and don’t convert. Or you pay one of the big networks thousands of dollars to try and interrupt someone’s day and get them to click. But here you are basically being endorsed to Michael Cheney’s personal email list of repeat buyers. It is the best quality traffic known to man! And when you take advantage of the annual option you are getting it at the best price possible.

  • q-iconAre people making sales with this traffic?


    Everyone is getting solid results and sales. It can vary from month to month based on the products we promote to our list and we constantly dial-in the campaigns for you to maximize your sales and return on investment.

  • q-iconIs this better than solo ads?


    There are 3 reasons this is better than you having to buy solo ads. Firstly, this is high-quality traffic – you are getting direct access to all the buyers on Michael Cheney’s personal mailing list. Secondly, you are getting the best prices on the planet here because we have the source of traffic here (our list!) in house are passing on the cost savings to you. And thirdly – you don’t have to place orders all the time, monitor everything, track everything, and worry about what’s working or not. It’s all done for you – hence the name “Automated Traffic Management” – ATM.

  • q-iconCan I stop any time?


    Just contact our Support Team at MichaelCheney.com/support and you can stop the traffic. You can cancel at any time, but you will lose all the clicks ordered for that period.

  • q-iconIs this high quality traffic?


    All of this traffic comes directly from Michael Cheney’s personal mailing list of red hot buyers! These are real people, with real credit cards and money to give you. They have a real interest in internet marketing, so you get the maximum possible sales.